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With a flow as unique as his message, Shopé seeks to bring the “uncompromising truth of God in the language of the culture”. Formerly known as Spoken, the Role Model Records frontman, recently dropped the moniker in favour of his real name, as a representation of what he calls “a natural evolution in my growth not simply as an artist, but as a man.” His music has been described as honest, and vulnerable, yet bold and confident. He’s transparent, yet not voyeuristic, emotive yet not sorrowful, exciting yet not typical. That is perhaps the reason his work has resonated with so many in such a short period time.

Merely 5 years since his foray into the music industry, his resume boasts the credentials of a seasoned veteran. From working with GRAMMY-winning producers, like Courney “JR” Peebles (So Hot Productions) and Alex Medina (Reach Records), to sharing the stage with multiple world-renowned artists including; Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tory Lanez, Britt Nicole, Dave Crowder, and Reema Major, to name a few, Shopé is quickly establishing himself as a rising star.

A 3x African Entertainment Award Nominee and Black Canadian Music Award Nominee, Shopé’s performance credits also span various tours and premier festivals including; Alive Festival (Ohio), SXSW (Austin), A3C (Atlanta), FlavorFest (Tampa Bay), Bluesfest (Ottawa), Afrofest (Toronto).

The 25-year-old artist has also been featured in numerous national & international blogs and publications including, among many others.

Shopé’s stunning growth over such a short time period is a clear indication that he was fashioned for this industry. He has the lyrical prowess to write and compose songs that stir the human soul, and a stage show to match.

Despite his extraordinary talent, what truly separates Shopé are his desires and goals for his music. Quoting one of his influences, “I’m not here to impress, I’m here to impact”. Shopé wants to impact the world with the truth that has transformed his own life. With the pace he’s going, it seems likely he will do just that.

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