The Session Mixtape

a single continuous sitting, or period of sitting, of persons so assembled.
a continuous series of sittings or meetings of a court, legislature, or the like.
the period or term during which such a series is held.

Over the past few years since being signed to Role Model records, Julien has taken the time to do a lot of self-examination. He shared with Wade-O Radio:

“In regards of my role when it comes to being a man who follows Jesus in this world that we live in, where that very same choice causes me to face persecution and my morals to be challenged.”

This mixtape is an invitation into the sounds and thoughts of his head influence by many lessons observed and learned. Henceforth “The Session Mixtape” offers a clear view of Julien’s personal life, with what he’s learned so far and also what is YET to learn. The motive is to bring clarity to who he is as a person, rather than just an artist. So with that said, we are now in “The Session”

Artists: Julien & Various Artists
Hosted by: DJ Wade-O
Release Date: 02/24/2014

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