Crazy or Not

In this world we live in, as Christians, we’ve been called many names; fake, holier than thou, hypocrites, super righteous… you get the point, right?! Even though these accusations have been placed on us, it’s always occurred to me that when you look at the wide spectrum, we aren’t the crazy ones. Yet still I pose the question… are we crazy or not? They say we’re crazy for believing in an invisible God, yet lately I see more secular artists quoting scriptures in their verses and using Biblical visuals for controversy. I mean, if it’s fake and if it’s phony, why give it so much attention??

I’m always intrigued when I evangelize. Some people tend to debate, while others violently refuse, or just walk away. All of us at some point will begin searching for truth and the one truth that has the power alone to convict hearts with passion, instead of intellectualism, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So if you’re ever in a moment of doubt in your walk as a believer, look at the world around you, line it up with the Word of God, then ask yourself…… “Are we CRAZY OR NOT?” -Julien- #TheSession

Artist: Julien ft. Billy Angel
Album: The Session Mixtape
Release Date: 02/24/2014

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