Juliet Oh

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Born 1995 in Tema, Ghana, Juliet Oh –otherwise known as Juliet Owusu- is a 21 year old Soul singer currently hailing from the city of Brampton, Ontario in Canada. Migrating to Toronto, Canada with her mother in 1997, Juliet Oh found her interest in singing soon after. By the time Juliet Oh was enrolled in elementary school, she was singing in both her school and church choir.

Admiring the music of her 90’s predecessors, she developed a love for conscious and soulful sounding music. Juliet Oh listened and learned from the greats; Lauryn Hill, Otis Redding, Sade, Boys II Men, even Mos Def impacted her vocally as she got older. As she continued to experiment with her voice, at age 13 she began to compose music of her own. Being an enthusiast of classical and instrumental music, Juliet Oh bore a desire to learn how to play an instrument. With a little help from the internet, she later learned how to play the piano. Since then she has written numerous songs and composed several melodies which she has mostly performed live.

Juliet Oh intends on becoming a visionary for others to look up to. She hopes to become revolutionary, creating timeless pieces that will change the way people look at and listen to music. While she does wish to remain true to soul and rhythm and blues, she continues to embark on a journey of creativity, evolving and continuously honing her craft as she grows.

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