New Release Date: February 24th 2014

1. The Orientation (prod by Jahlil Beats)
2. DTR (Death to Religion) (prod by Johnny Juliano)
3. R.O.C.K (prod by SuperstarO)
4. Sacrifice Feat. Boogie (prod by Johnny Juliano)
5. Self Control Feat. Karen Jewels (prod by Smokey)
6. This Life Feat Why’el and Promise (prod by SuperstarO)
7. S&M (Smoke and Mirrors) Feat Remus (prod by Boogie)
8. The Reform feat Dj Lagit (prod by Boogie)
9. Crazy or Not Feat Billy Angel (prod by Beatz Johnson)
10. Nothing here for free (prod by Kajmir Royal)
11. Fix em feat Yohan and Spoken (prod by Nate The Hitmaker)
12. Maze feat Bashy (prod by Matt Pires)
13. Diamond (prod by SuperstarO)
14. White Dress feat O’sound (prod by SuperstarO)
15. Don’t let me fall feat Staasia Daniels (prod by Nate The Hitmaker)

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