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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, often described as the most multi-cultural city in the world, Dru Bex was exposed to the world at a very young age. Losing his mother and sole caregiver at the tender age of 7, he went to live with his father and stepmother before residing with his grandparents in the nearby city of Mississauga.

Exposed to a church with a vibrant youth group by his grandmother, Dru struggled to balance his life in the church with his life in a neighborhood that had many wayward youth. He identified with the youth; many of whom were missing a strong fatherly presence in their lives. Dru found himself trying to fit in, engaging in violent acts and smoking weed. It was only by the grace of God that he was able to escape many of the traps that ensnared his friends, all the while keeping up the facade of the good church boy.

As the years went by and Dru grew into his late teens, the words being preached from the pulpit Sunday after Sunday began to sink in. A heart change began to take place and Dru found himself spending more time with the youth in the church. Together with a couple of like minded young men, Dru formed “Christyle” and began rapping as a way to express this heart change. Around this time, Dru would face his first test of his new-found peace; a young man from the neighborhood that his grandparents had taken in pulled a knife and stabbed Dru in a major vein during an intense argument. Bleeding profusely, it was once again, only by the grace of God that Dru was able to survive the incident and not retaliate, instead letting the peace of God flow over him.

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