Single Description

Dru enlists fellow Rapzilla Freshman  2018 Zauntee to deliver a vibey atmospheric banger. 

Listen to the single HERE


Hook (Zauntee)

Reaching my generation over these 808s,

Eating these instrumentals, like I won’t save a plate

Feels like it’s midnight in Miami, vibing like it’s midnight in Miami (2x)

Verse 1

I just caught a vibe now ( nobody can take it from me)

feels like I’m down south ( somewhere out

in Dade County)

Moving like a boss does ( I pull up at Wingstop)

We be ridin’ low-low-low (watch that thing drop)

But I’m on a high now, stay up never lie down

cruising down the highway, all my problems miles away

I’m with the gvng, plus I got more people on the way

Ain’t nobody going home we gon’ Light it up until we see the dawn

Hook (2x)

Verse 2

I feel so alive when I’m chilling on this vibe and I just took the bridge over now I’m on the Island

Might move out to south beach, don’t you ever doubt me, God is doing new thangs,

It’s not about me

He says I go, and I go with the flow, I don’t know what he know, if there’s one thing I know though, I know that I’m good with the flow, so I might just pull up to the port, there’s no limit

I don’t write the story I’m a role in it, blessing come down I roll in it, mana from Heaven no bowl with it, more on the way I’m so winning

Soaring, soaring, high up in the sky I can fly across the ocean, Soaring, soaring, high up in the sky I can fly across the ocean

Lead your life, lean on God and you’ll be alright, don’t day dream you could dream all night, walk by faith, let it be your sight

Don’t trust friends that’ll leave you dry, in hards times, they gon’ leave your side, don’t let nobody steal your vibe, 4-1-6 to the 3-0-5

Hook (2x)

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