Dru Bex presents a remix of his song ‘Good Cypher’ showcasing some of the dopest female emcees in the Christian Rap genre.

Listen to the single HERE


Verse 1 (a.i)

Welcome to the lethal land

Where the people stand tall

With they hearts covered by they weakened hand

Pledge allegiance to a flag

Allegiance to a mask

Allegiance to a black bag

Dragged in the grass

Gunshots in the back

Welcome to another day

Welcome to a face full of fear

Tears in crevice of the crease

Roll like a Chevy down the cheeks

Of another mother

Welcome to the streets

Welcome to the triggers released

Welcome to the run fast y’all better retreat

Welcome to the land of the weak

Home of afraid divided we are

United we slaves

Welcome to the lies that they laid

The lies that we held and embraced

The lie that brought hell when we tasted

Fruit look good before you naked

Welcome to the leaves

In autumn we fall

But welcome to the spring

He offered the cross

For the filthy and lost

But welcome to the people who don’t believe in Yeshua

They rather lather in sewage

They soak and bathe in manure

So welcome to the heart of man

Tossed to and fro

Shackled by our own madness

Our own tactics

Our hearts calloused

Kill flesh do a closed casket

Verse 2 (LaToria)

(Somebody gimme grace..)

Peace to the homie Dru Bex

it took a man from Canada to come and do it

He seen the need for queens to be an influence

cleared off his own track and made the space for us to get into it

Give yourself a chance to listen

Your about to be a witness

of all These flavors of female MCs collectively given you the business

(for years) hip hop has treated women in a way that they certainly don’t deserve

(for years) hip hop has left most of the women with any sense of virtue undeserved

Y’all try to act like we don’t be spitting

sleeping on us like we don’t be Lit and

G-d told me go don’t need your permission

Taking the hard route was our decision

rapping this word you can call it gifting

This is when Hip-Hop meets estrogen and

Yall missing out on the benefits

yaaaaaas booo we so feminine!

But the industry won’t put us on

its kinda like a prophet not finding respect in his own home

Here’s what I know tho

Abba made a lane for us anyway we can’t quit

he gave us a gift… for such a time as this, we just waiting on more saints to get it

been doing this work…for over 10 years best believe Im committed

See We’re trying influence your daughters towards maturity instead of morphing into Barbie dolls

Say what you want but I’m going as far as the Father allows on these grown woman bars (LT)

Verse 3 (Kai)

See where I’m from the cookies they selling don’t come with no cream

But if you playing wit they cream, then they gon make you sing

With that metal in your face like you a supreme

Make you wish it was a Big song, it was all a dream

Gave my life to Christ, now I see a different world, Whitley

I love Him ‘cause He loved me first, I’ll always love Him, Whitney

Breaking generational curses, it’s painful but worth it

Giving hope & making history, you can call it Sidney

I’m called to shine my light so you know I stay litty

livin pGnm, you ain’t gotta feel me

If you try me you gon try these hands, nah I’m just kidding

I ain’t worried ‘bout you ‘cause the angel armies wit me

I ain’t focused on my enemy, foot stool

Gotta create the waves, whirlpool

I humbled myself and He exalted me, and

Now they like ok I see you,  you betta, you betta… (girl you)

And I know it’s cause of Mary that I’m high

But the Mary I’m talking bout ain’t bring Jane she bore Jesus

I admitted believed confessed and received em

You know the high I’m talking bout if you got em believe me

He da best but now I see a major key, is

I was blind to my sin, you could have called me Stevie

But now I’m cooking for the king, chef flow ardee

when the Spirit write ya lyrics it’s easy

Verse 4 (Kay Sade)

Cool night and full moon typing down thoughts

Pull tighter on my hoodie strings while I walk

Never draw too much attention, screen is on the dimmest setting

Dinner waiting if I make it in the trenches on my way with sinners aiding and abetting

Clicking sensors on around my head detecting movement

I exude light through the gloom like pollutant

That’s a prime target for goons but in truth, they could use an encounter with the new kid

I zoom like uh two tires that’s iced over on a blue fire

Might lean in and Cruz by ya

Like Dizzee with the graffiti

Paint heaven’s mansions so Rumi

Got angels wanting to keep me

But give me back for the music

Operation truth…But I can make em juke

Oddly I be staying glued…but God be making moves

Coasting operator smooth

From Chi to LA out to Newark

Carry good around the bricks

Till it be the New Jerus

Only truth’ll hold me down and set me free

The paradox’ll keep me going follow me

The navigator yeah navigating seas, in my Netscape green

You can bet I’m a mess made clean

If the truth makes you sweat get your mesh

KnuBlack on the track then it’s fresh

And respect these queens

Archetypical originators but essence of hidden blessings and figures

It’s time you got a lesson, bro.

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