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Christopher “Dj Lagit” Lewis, born and raised in Toronto, has had to overcome a plethora of obstacles, and has done so only by the grace and mercy of God. At the age of six, Lagit faced his first trial, losing both parents to a murder and a suicide and adopted by a close family member, struggling to realize true love. Contact was regained with his older siblings when Lagit was thrown out and forced to move to BALTIMORE. With the help of God, Lagit managed to overcome trials and tribulations but had still not fully committed his life to God. Being in the darkness, Lagit participated in drug activity, money fraud and sexual addictions, while experiencing a life of loneliness he used these worldly pleasures to fill the void.

Lagit was faced with spiritual battles, leading him towards a life of sin, but God prevailed. While lost in the wilderness, he saw the light from a Bible belonging to his aunt which built up his faith and his relationship with God. Lagit soon realized that Christ was the only one who had an unconditional love for him, and no more did he have to search for love but rather, found eternal life and love in God.

Lagit’s love for music started at the age of five and carried him through his adult years. With this; creates an inspirational message to be delivered to all who listen. As an ambassador of Christ, Lagit’s message is positive, enlightening, and shows the reality that God can do anything. After beat boxing and djing secular music, Lagit changed his style when he accepted the Lord into his life. He is not just an ordinary Dj spinning tracks on the 1’s and 2’s, but rather a DJ who is hard at work bringing the gospel to the streets and presenting the gospel of Christ through his world famous mixtape “I AM THE STREETZ” which is available every month as a free download.

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