Dru Bex, Shopé, Juliet Oh, Lord Badu, DJ Lagit, Dj Azee
As the world continues to shift into a mindset that glorifies material success, it is easy to find yourself in a confused and frustrated place as we are often not equipped with a solid moral and spiritual foundation to tackle the trials and tribulations associated with life.

We at Role Model Records do not aim to be successful, but we strive to be significant. Since our beginning in 2010, we have kept one mission…to point those with whom we come in contact with to the ultimate role model, Jesus Christ. Whether on tour, on stages or in person…our goal is to connect on a personal level through the music and through our lifestyle. We don’t boast of being perfect but rather we boast in our imperfection so that by pointing to Christ, Grace and perfection might be found in him.

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