NEW MUSIC: Dru Bex's 'Imperfect Messenger'

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Pushing past creative boundaries, Dru’s current offering, combines infectious melodies and harmonies, with potent wordplay and storytelling. A child of Toronto, Dru Bex manages to carve out his own unique sound while still embodying the sound of the city.

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NEW MUSIC: RMR 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

Over the past five years of music and ministry, we have been able to put out some really amazing music that has reached many different people across the globe. We thank everyone for their support from day one. In light of that, this compilation consists of just some of the music we’ve put out from the artists such as Shopé, Julien & Dru Bex.

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Dru Bex - Navigator

Role Model Records artist Dru Bex drops the official music video for “Navigator,” the second single off Dru Bex’s highly acclaimed EP “Imperfect Messenger.”
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News & Updates

NEW MUSIC: Dru Bex releases “Imperfect Messenger”

Since releasing the bold label single, “NOW”, boasting the entire artist roster, Role Model Records follows up with its first project offering, “Imperfect Messenger” from the label’s newest signee, Dru Bex.

NEW VIDEOS: Who is Dru Bex?

In this 5-part Q&A with the newest RMR Signee, Dru Bex lays out five key points answering the question “Who is Dru Bex”?

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